Teen Workshops

Teen workshops are great for girls / boys who are at the point in their lives when they are transitioning from a young girl into a woman and from a young boy into a Man. In our teen workshops we cover everything from self awareness to relationships and much more. Teen workshops are great as they deal with a variety of topics but are still light hearted and fun.

Teen Esteem Workshops

Bullying an Epidemic - One step at a time
The Power of Peer Pressure- How to Deal with peer pressure
Turn any flaw into success- time to look in the mirror
Reflections - Finding beauty within
From Drama Teen to Queen/King of Self Esteem
Teen Relationships- What to look for and what to stay away from
The Loss of a loved one - coping with grief
Teens & Drugs/Alcohol - The Party's Over: How to say NO!
Teens & Suicide - When enough is enough
Sexual Assault - Why it's not your fault
Goal Setting Strategies for today's teens
Life Mapping - Creating your Dreams & Goals
Parent & Youth workshops - Together for change

All Teen Workshops Have The Option To Become A One On One Session or a Session With Family Members


Beauty Within Teen Esteem

Our mission is to create lasting positive change in the lives of young people everywhere so that they may reach their fullest potential!

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