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Teen Workshops

Teen workshops are great for girls / boys who are at the point in their lives when they are transitioning from a young girl into a woman and from a young boy into a Man. In our teen workshops we cover everything from self awareness to relationships and much more. Teen workshops are great as they deal with a variety of topics but are still light hearted and fun.

Teen Esteem Workshops

Bullying an Epidemic - One step at a time
The Power of Peer Pressure- How to Deal with peer pressure
Turn any flaw into success- time to look in the mirror
Reflections - Finding beauty within
From Drama Teen to Queen/King of Self Esteem
Teen Relationships- What to look for and what to stay away from
The Loss of a loved one - coping with grief
Teens & Drugs/Alcohol - The Party's Over: How to say NO!
Teens & Suicide - When enough is enough
Sexual Assault - Why it's not your fault
Goal Setting Strategies for today's teens
Life Mapping - Creating your Dreams & Goals
Parent & Youth workshops - Together for change

All Teen Workshops Have The Option To Become A One On One Session or a Session With Family Members

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JOIN us to KICK OFF "i Am ESTEEM" Day 🍳 - Less than 4 months away!

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