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Our Mission

BEAUTY WITHIN -TEEN ESTEEM FOUNDATION, is not yet a 501(c)(3)organization. However, we do offer relief and assistance to deserving teenagers everywhere.

A community for teens, college students, and young adults.

Founded June 2010, by Eric Devezin, beauty within teen esteem delivers assistance in the areas of self esteem, self awareness, self love, positive thinking, promoting education, social development and learning to love Self!

All of the foundation’s efforts are geared to resolving the ongoing struggles that teens face every day –peer pressure, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease – and to replace these struggles with hope for the future.

The projects that beauty within-teen esteem, fund and facilitate are developed so that each teen who benefits is able to reach their fullest potential for personal growth, and to realize their dreams in a healthy environment. To the extent that a child’s social needs are met, that child is likely to develop into a healthy, confident, responsible, productive, competent, independent and self-controlled adult.

Our Philosophy, focusing on young children is by far the most brilliant investment that anyone could ever make in the future. Beauty Within-Teen Esteem,was founded on the premise that the lives of all teens have equal value.

Foundation’s goal is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to lead a healthy,positive and productive life. I can remember my mom always stressing the importance of being kind to others, respecting your elders and doing your very best every day. Let me tell you that goes a very-long --way.

We are aiming to raise $5,000.(two- fold) $3500 of contributions will go directly into program costs. The other portion will help us with administration cost to becoming a 501(c)(3) organization. This will allow our donors a bit of relieve as well. Events- we are hoping to have another great turnout at our upcoming "i Am Esteem"Day event August 10, 2013 and support as many teens as possible and your contributions will ensure that we will achieve this.

About the Founder
I am a professional makeup artist in the fashion, film, tv and entertainment industry. yes, now I am.You know why? because my mom always said "I don't care what you do-just be the best at it." I've learned that the road to becoming adult men and women is not always an easy process. Along the way I came up with the idea of Beauty Within Teen Esteem. I find there's a great need for people to give back to their communities. I especially enjoy taking care of special needs children. That is why I began this process to raise money and address those needs.The first year we launched BWTE, we had an audience full of special needs teens from LAUSD. And, it was amazing to see their faces light up!

Our Approach
Beauty Within-Teen Esteem, identifies worthy projects in the United States that support our mission. We raise money and find the right people to support each project.We manage each project to a successful conclusion.

The role of Beauty Within Teen Esteem, is to Identify the needs that fit the Foundation’s Criteria -Communicate those needs to potential donors Raise the money to address those needs Manage the money prudently Allocate the funds Work with the project directors to ensure effective use of funds and successful project execution Account to our donors Funding Criteria.

Other Ways You Can Help
Whatever you're able to contribute we greatly appreciate it! And if you’re unable to make a financial contribution, you can still greatly help our campaign by spreading the word and sharing the campaign video through social media networks i.e. twitter, facebook, linked in, tumblr and blogs; and by word of mouth. Tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, neighbors, heck even tell a random person on the street!

Eric Devezin, Co-Founder/President. Laverne Palmer, Co-Founder/Executive Director. Ivy Brown, Trustee, Corporate Officer. Harriet Brown, Trustee, Chief Financial Officer. Kevin Boone, Trustee. Angela Griffin, Trustee. Sweeney Montinola, Trustee

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