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What makes Beauty Within~Teen Esteem so special?

                                  Hope Is in Your Hands!
Someone you know...a family member, a friend, a client...will be homeless this year.
Help BTWE help them.
dONDddonate $5 Today! 

Beauty Within~Teen Esteem is not-for-profit: it is supported almost entirely by private grants and donations. This gives its researchers tremendous freedom to pursue promising new treatments without having to worry about finding venture capital or government grants.Read more 

"8 years ago, I toured Boys & Girls club Carson campus for the first time. I was so moved, especially by the teen self esteem workshops, that I have worked with the group every year since to raise funds for Boys & Girls clubs. As this year's Spirit of Giving honoree, I'm leading a campaign to raise $1.5 million to support Boys & Girls clubs cutting-edge outreach - academic programs.

"Won't you please help?"
Eric Devezin
Founder/CEO, BeautyWithin~TeenEsteem
7320 Reseda Blvd #372143
Reseda, California. 91337

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