Saturday, November 15, 2014

Join Beauty Within~Teen Esteem to help spread Childhood Cancer Awareness

Join us in donating colorful children's bandages at donation bins located at each area in the front lobby.We are collecting Bandages from 11/1/2014 to 12/1/2014 #LAPDBadgesforBandages
See flyer - Link
Join the community in Supporting LAPD West Valley!

Friday, September 19, 2014

National Sexual Assault Hotline

If you've experienced sexual assault, please visit: for resources.


This pledge is a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault.

It is a promise not to be a bystander to the problem, but to be a part of the solution.


To recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

To identify situations in which sexual assault may occur.

To intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.

To create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

Take the Pledge

 "Perhaps most important, we need to keep saying to anyone out there who has ever been assaulted: you are not alone. We have your back. I’ve got your back." -President Barack Obama

 More info: Not Alone

It's On Us: Sexual Assault PSA

#ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault. Take the pledge and be part of the solution at

Monday, September 15, 2014

Love Your Kids Unconditionally

Take responsibility for mistakes you’ve made in your relationships with your kids. Reflect on how your own bad choices about how to relate to your kids in the past may have contributed to the difficult relationship you have with them right now. Have you neglected to spend enough time with your kids, or to pay enough attention to the details of their lives? Have you been too lenient when you should have provided more guidance and boundaries? Have you failed to communicate your love to them in ways they can understand? Whatever you may have done to contribute to current relationship problems between you and your kids, know that you can redeem your mistakes if you honestly acknowledge them and seek to learn from them. Be sure to apologize to your kids for your mistakes, too, because doing so will help strengthen your relationships with them and make them better people.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Come Rally in DC for Women’s Rights!

Tomorrow, the Feminist Majority and our allies are rallying for women's rights and calling for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Will you join us?


Beauty Within Teen Esteem

Our mission is to create lasting positive change in the lives of young people everywhere so that they may reach their fullest potential!

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