Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teens and teeth whitening - Beauty Within Teen Esteem wants to know.

Is it OK for tweens and teens to reach for the bleach in their quest for a 'pretty' pearly white smile? What parents need to know, first.


Your child's dentist can tell you whether he or she is a good candidate for teeth whitening. According to the American Dental Association's Mouth Healthy web site, whitening products are meant for natural tooth enamel – and won't work on fillings, crowns or veneers. And sensitive teeth, cavities, cracked teeth and gum disease should be addressed before bleaching, because whitening treatments can exacerbate these problems, leading to unneeded pain.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bresee Film Festival 2015

Make a 3 minute or less film in any genre about current U.S. policy on Immigration Reform and you’ll be eligible to have your film shown on the big screen and possibly earn one of five great awards.

3 Minute Festival Example

Submission deadline: May 1, 2015.

Festival date: Saturday, May 16, 2015.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

Help! Make A Change


While spending the holidays with my loved ones this last week, I’ve been reflecting on our incredible Beauty Within~Teen Esteem family. And as we look toward the new year, I can’t help thinking about how much can be achieved when a community of passionate and courageous people like you band together to save and improve lives.  4 years ago, when I founded Beauty Within~Teen Esteem, I chose the word "Esteem" to stand for the power of what we accomplish together. Because when we all stand together, we move mountains. 2014 is proof of that. Thanks to supporters like you, in the past year we’ve worked to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing our children: childhood poverty, neighborhood revitalization, high-quality early childhood programs, high-quality affordable child care and stamping out widespread hunger. The scale of humanitarian need is truly staggering. And with your help, Beauty Within~Teen Esteem is on the ground to alleviate suffering for so many in crisis. We cannot let them lose their dignity as well.
Give Now to Change Lives

Together, we bring lifesaving food to hungry families, deliver school supplies to refugees in nearly inaccessible locations, and bring smiles to people who have lost everything to disaster — keeping their hope alive for a more stable future.

There are no easy or fast fixes to the issues we confront. But there’s me and there’s you — and the strength of the human spirit in the communities we work with every single day. Your support of Beauty Within~Teen Esteem makes real change possible.
Together, Beauty Within~Teen Esteem will continue to build a better world in the year to come.

My warmest thanks,

Eric Devezin
Beauty Within~Teen Esteem Founder

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's #GivingTuesday!

It's #GivingTuesday! Today only - your tax-deductible donation to #beautywithinteenesteem will be doubled: Give today

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for you

Dear Beauty Within~Teen Esteem family:
I wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated, and it’s probably more than you’ll ever know. Friends and supporters of my work like you have  helped to make an incredible impact on our community. You have given hope to those who had none and you have changed lives for the better. You helped Sara and Joey,  two homeless teens living on the streets of L.A., find a safe, warm, welcoming place. Your support helped both teens get off the street and on the path to a better life.

As you spend time with the ones you love and reflect on all you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, I hope you will remember the people you have helped through Beauty Within~Teen Esteem organization. And I also hope you will consider making a special donation right now in honor of this season of giving. Your gift today will go to work immediately to ensure the health, safety and well-being of at risk teens in our community.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reasons to give thanks: Real progress on anti-bulling

As we enjoy our Thanksgiving turkey this year, we are grateful for the progress that's been made to preserve the effectiveness of anti-bulling. Parents teachers, schools and government agencies have taken important steps this year to curb bullying against our youth. 

For some children, the scariest thing they will do all day is go to school. Each day, over 100,000 students miss school because they are afraid to tell their caregivers, “I’m the target of bully, and I don’t know what to do.” Educators and parents must unite and teach them the skills necessary to know when to stand up for themselves, and when to ask for help. Although there are severe cases of bullying, most situations can be remedied by gentle but persistent adult intervention.


Beauty Within Teen Esteem

Our mission is to create lasting positive change in the lives of young people everywhere so that they may reach their fullest potential!

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