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What makes Beauty Within~Teen Esteem so special?

Hope Is in Your Hands!
Someone you know...a family member, a friend, a client...will be homeless this year.
Help BTWE help them.

Walk Smart!!

Walk Smart!!

Look both ways before crossing and continue to monitor vehicle movement approaching you.

#KeepOurKidsSafe #ThinkPedestrianSafety #yourlifeinyourhands #dontcrossdistracted #payattention #accidentscanbeavoided #makeeyecontact #makesureyourseen #donttextandwalk

Dozens of museums—presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science—will open their doors and invite visitors to attend their museums free of charge.

On Sunday, January 28th, lots of great museums across the County of Los Angeles, including many in the Third District like the Getty Villa, above, are welcoming visitors free of charge. 
You can see the list of all the museums participating here. Mark your calendars!

Teens: How dangerous is it to text and drive?

Survey: 48% of young drivers said their parents drove while talking on a phone Group: 15% percent of young drivers have seen their parents text and drive AT&T has a website called ITCANWAIT.COM, which details the very latest happenings as they pertain to multitasking at the wheel. In addition to providing some eye-opening statistics, visitors are asked to "Take the Pledge," vowing to never text and drive. There are 3 ways to participate and for those willing to make this commitment will be rewarded. Millions of people have done so. If you've given your word not to text and drive, it's important that you live up to it. 
All the texting and driving laws in the world won't end distracted driving. But with everyone's cooperation, the roads will be that much safer – one fewer text message at a time.

The notion of "Do as I say, not as I do," may be a fine sentiment, but it's not realistic – particularly as it pertains to impressionable t…

A Message for Teens ( How to Help a Suicidal Teen)

There may be some of you who are hoping to find information to help you with your own thoughts or feelings about suicide. While this is not something you will specifically find on this site, what we can offer you is the phone number for the national suicide prevention hotline.

Here’s why we think this can help: Suicidal thoughts or feelings can make us feel frightened and overwhelmed. We can feel crazy or worried we’re going crazy and may be embarrassed to share what we’re thinking with others. Or maybe we’ve tried to talk about it and were dismissed (“Come on, you don’t really feel that way!”), or made fun of (“There you go again, you wimpy cry-baby!”), or not taken seriously (“You’re always talking about that- one of these days maybe you’ll do it”). Perhaps the people we talked to didn’t know what to say so they just ignored us and said nothing.

Just because we couldn’t find someone who listened in a helpful way, though, doesn’t mean we should give up! Talking about su…

Do something this holiday your child will never forget

Your child will believe in Santa with a Personalized Letter from Santa

"My 8 year old niece's face lit up with pure excitement when she received her package. She couldn't believe that Santa wrote a letter specifically for her! Thank you so much!" Lauren Turner, CA

The experience and memories of a good Santa Letter can last a lifetime, for both the children and the parents.

Your letter is personalized for your child, signed by Santa and sent from the North Pole directly to their house! This truly makes this holiday season a magical one!

Santa's Package includes a personalized letter written and signed by Santa, a personalized Official Nice List Certificate, Santa's Map and Santa's Nice List that Santa Checked Twice!